Advantages of RFID Technology in Animal Husbandry

Electronic identity management technology is very mature in Europe and the United States The advantages of RFID technology in the livestock industry are as follows:

Non-contact automatic reading, real-time and effective data collection method

RFID technology is a non-contact radio frequency identification method to collect and systematically manage the data in the electronic identification placed in the animal’s earlobe or body. It is an extremely effective management method to grasp the health status of animals and control the occurrence of animal epidemics.

Waterproof, can use for animal body

The use of low-frequency tags can penetrate water and animal bodies, and is insensitive to water and metal. Therefore, it is very convenient to use animal chips or ear tags for animals.

Advantages of RFID Technology in Animal Husbandry Industry

Unique number, not easy to forge, easy to manage

One RFID tag per animal, corresponding to a unique number. Precise management of individual dairy cows.

Combined with information technology, it is conducive to tracking management

Through the supporting software management program, capture the data of the entire growth cycle of the animal. For example, Information about the external environment of the animal and its own health. When a food animal reaches the slaughter standard, the slaughterhouse will strictly check the “quality file” of the animal. After passing the strict inspection, if there is no problem, it can proceed to the next step.