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Welcome to Raybaca

Raybaca IOT Tech is established in 2009, 14 years experience in RFID R&D, RFID handware manufacturing and software project design, marketing as well as technic service in IOT field.

Since the establishment, the company has operated self-owned brand “Raybaca”, possessing leading and solid technology strength in the development of technology and software system in RFID software products. We have our own factory, there have advanced equipment and professional technician teams. We can supply OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)and ODM..

raybaca company

Why Choose Raybaca IoT?

Raybaca’s software technology research and development is based on the cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the forestry bureau, the Fishery Bureau, the Agricultural University of China, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Institute of fisheries, the provincial animal husbandry and veterinary bureaus, agricultural universities and biological laboratories, and various series of hardware products (label system, code scanner system and intelligent mobile terminal system) independently developed. The company is committed to studying the international integration route of agricultural modernization and the internationalization leading system process of animal husbandry. We are committed to developing Ruibai creation into an international leading industry benchmark and technology leading standard in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology…

Hardware Products

The company is committed to studying the international integration route of agricultural modernization and the international leading system process of animal husbandry, and is committed to developing RAYBACA brand into an international leading industry benchmark and technology leading standard in the agricultural field and animal husbandry technological industry. The company's hardware products include ear tags series,ICAR Microchips ,RFID reader series, intelligent mobile terminal series and livestock tool accessories series
sheep ear tags

Ear Tag Series


ICAR Microchip Syringe

Animal Microchip syringe

RFID Reader Series

RFID Sticker Reader

animal tracker

GPS Tracker

animal gps tracker

Software Solutions

On the basis of software system solutions, the company is committed to providing customers with IoT RFID industry solutions, system integration, project implementation, technical support, consulting services. It has rich experience in animal husbandry management, aquaculture management, pet urbanization management platform, laboratory intelligent management identification and pet identification.

iot managenet system

Each sheep wears electronic ear tags from birth, and conducts scientific breeding management throughout the entire life cycle of sheep files, pedigree relationships, health information, breeding information, including the breeding environment.

livestock asset iot system

This  system consists of basic information management, acquisition management, pre-slaughter management, planning management, slaughter management, post-slaughter inspection, segmentation management, product management, sales management, logistics management, warehousing management, data management, financial management, traceability management 14 functional modules

meat food tracing platform

The livestock  asset IoT management platform system includes functional modules such as biological asset management, intelligent supervision, risk control management, basic information, notification management, and system management.




Most frequent questions and answers

we are not only supply the rfid hardware  but also supply the  software soutions ,one stop solutions service 

The UHF ear tag reads reading distance about 1-5m, support of the group reading , one time to reading all ear tags .The LF ear tags reading distance about 7-30cm, Reader need to one by one to scan

Raybaca adopting ISO 9000 quality standard series . We provides services to cover all stages of the production line including :Pre-production Inspection (PPI) , During Production Inspections ( DPI/DUPRO0 , Pre-shipment Inspections (PSI) , Sample Checking (SC) and Continuous In-Line Checking .

We accept all OEM/ODM orders,just contact us and give me your design.we will offer you a reasonable price and make samples for you ASAP.

You can send the inquiry to us email, Whatsapp :+8618156055733 ,skype ,facebook,and etc . we will have the sales manager reply to you asap.

We are factory have ourself pruduce line ,support of customzied service ,like laser printed your company logo,web ,,etc.


Christine : + 86 18156055733


Office Add: 4F, Building 5, Donghu Innovation Center, No. 168 Jiulong Rd, Hefei City, Anhui, China

Factory Add: Building A3, Electronic Information Industrial Park, Hangbu Town, Shucheng County, Lu’an City, Anhui Province, China

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