Farmforce Management System

This system uses electronic ear tags as animal identification tags, and then manages data through management system and APP, which can effectively reduce labor costs and the problem of difficult statistical data, which can better help enterprises manage.

Each sheep,cattle and goat wears electronic ear tags from birth, and conducts scientific breeding management throughout the entire life cycle of sheep files, pedigree relationships, health information, breeding information, including the breeding environment.

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Farm managers can control the overall situation of the farm through big data analysis. And this system supports multi-field, cooperative household management and so on. It is suitable for batch standardized farming in large pastures.

Front Page

The display of the color of the large sections allows users to find the sections they need to enter more accurately and quickly. Secondly, color tone is also more likely to generate chain memory. Put livestock information management, livestock health management, breeding information management, sales information management, breeding information management, data reports, inventory information, etc. directly into the home page.

Livestock Information Management

The general content is consistent with the PC side, and the data is also shared with the PC side. The advantage of the APP side is that it can be directly used for a series of operations on the electronic ear tags carried by livestock. Store and record all information such as feeding, epidemic prevention, disease treatment, body size and weight measurement during the breeding life cycle, and provide data for the back end.

Statistical analysis of reports

Organize, display and analyze all the data in the system memory column, pre-production data, sales, breeding, warehousing, etc., and quickly understand the overall situation of the ranch based on the displayed content. Based on the data provided here, the current situation of the entire ranch Conduct rational analysis to promote better development of pastures.

The APP side is mainly for the breeding management, breeding management and weaning management of the breeding section. Because the main users of the APP are the front-line farmers. The system will have different types of reminders to remind farmers what to do and when to avoid omissions.