What is animal tag standard protocol.

ISO is the abbreviation of the International Organization for Standardization, a global non-governmental organization.

ISO 11784/11785 is an international RFID standard mainly used for animal identification, which specifies the code structure and technical criteria for animal identification. The frequency is 125K-134.2Khz, which is low frequency (lf). There is no international requirement for the product form, which can be glass tube, ear tag or collar, etc. Stable performance and strong signal penetration.

ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A are mainly international standard protocols for contactless smart cards, with a frequency of 13.56Mhz, which is high frequency (hf). It can also be made into glass tube and ear tag, but it is rarely used in the animal market. The reading distance is short and the security is strong. It is mainly used for bus cards, access control, etc.

ISO 18000-6C Ultra High Frequency (UHF) (860Mhz~960Mhz frequency), mainly used for ear tag products in the animal market, its biggest feature is the long reading distance and group reading (inventory) function.