Company News

New Updated Syringe is Upcoming

Market Research:

We analyzed the syringes sold on the market and found that there are many problems, such as the needle easily fall off when implanted, the size is not appropriate, the needle tip is not sharp enough, it is easy to cause harm to animals and pets.

New design:

  • 1.Our designers design according to ergonomics, the size is more suitable for hand use.
  • 2.Threaded cap design, easy to remove and not easy to fall off, the cap contains thimble can effectively prevent the chip from slipping out.
  • 3. The tip of the needle is made of stainless steel, 45 degree incision is easier to implant under the skin of animals, reducing the risk of wound infection, the tip of the whole buckle locking design, will not fall off.
  • 4.. Exhaust hole design to effectively expel air when implanted under the animal’s skin
  • 5. T5. The two wings and handles are designed with a triangular shape, which is more convenient to use
  • 6. Using TPU material, feel softer
  • 7. The unique design of the push rod increases the friction with the needle barrel and saves effort.
  • 8. The arc-shaped handle is more suitable for the thumb to exert force

Test :

Since the design was created, we have repeatedly tested and checked the quality.

Using 100 samples for every quality check, none of the needles appeared to drop out, none of the dial-out needle cap chips appeared to drop out.

Finally, this new product is ready to go to market