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Successful Acceptance of Livestock Farming Management Project 20231008

On 8 October 2023, the IoT digital agriculture management system of Ganzi Xinmai Technology Co., Ltd. constructed by Anhui Raybaca IoT Technology Co.


Project construction content
1. Build a pure BS architecture IOT digital farming management system platform.
2.Develop APP corresponding to the system for PDA handheld or Android mobile phone application.
3. Training and guidance on the use of hardware and software system.

What problems of traditional ranch farming have been solved:
1. Intelligent breeding to boost the quality of the industry;
2. Precise prevention and control to ensure product safety;
3. Industrial extension, improve breeding efficiency;
4.  To improve the protection capacity of high quality breeding stock resources in the plateau.

Achievement Objective:
Through the construction and promotion of this project, it is very good to help traditional farming reform transformation and upgrading, to solve the problems of traditional farming sloppy, supervision difficulties, and at the same time, to solve the difficult problems encountered by the farmers such as farming technology, disease treatment, quarantine and epidemic prevention and out of the pen sales, and to achieve the goal of intelligent farming to reduce the cost and increase efficiency, and to lay a solid foundation for the further creation of intelligent farming enterprise development.