Advantages of RFID Physical Inventory

1. Batch group reading

RFID readers can read tag information in real time.The use of RFID anti-collision technology and ultra-high frequency fixed readers can realize group reading, greatly improve scanning efficiency and reduce labor costs.

2. No barrier identification

RFID can penetrate paper, wood, plastic, metal and other materials for penetrating communication, without the need for a light source, providing a better scanning experience, and can quickly tally, find and take inventory.

3. Automatic warehouse entry and exit

The stable reading and writing distance of handheld readers can reach 2-6 meters, and the reading and writing distance of fixed readers can reach more than 10 meters. It effectively solves the problem that the barcode storage has to manually scan barcodes in the past, realizes automatic entry and exit, and greatly improves storage efficiency.

4. Large data capacity

The capacity of one-dimensional barcodes is 50Bytes, the maximum capacity of two-dimensional barcodes can store 2 to 3000 characters, and the capacity of RFID tags can reach megabytes. With the development of memory carriers, the data capacity also has a trend of expanding. In the future, the amount of data that items need to carry will increase, and the demand for the expansion capacity of tags will also increase accordingly.

5. High security

RFID tags can not only be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, but also password protection can be set for the reading and writing of tag data, which has higher security. Because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and fabricated, and its security is higher.

6. Reusable and cost saving

RFID tag content can be changed and can be reused.

7. Strong anti-interference ability

RFID tags can be used in high pollution and harsh environments such as dust and oil pollution.

8. Small size and diverse shapes

RFID shapes are diversified.