What are RFID tags?

RFID tag is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It uses radio frequency signals to identify target objects and obtain relevant data. The identification work does not require manual intervention. RFID technology has waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance and long service life that barcodes do not have. , The reading distance is large, the data on the label can be encrypted, the storage data capacity is larger, and the stored information can be changed freely.

Advantages of RFID tags

1. Support long-distance reading, can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic, and can read through penetrating communication.

2. Support batch reading, can read dozens or even hundreds of tags at a time.

3. The unique number is not easy to be copied, can be used for anti-counterfeiting, and has a high reuse rate.

4. Sturdy and durable, the label has strong anti-pollution ability, will not be affected by the environment, and can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature, acid and alkali resistance.

5. The data storage capacity is large and can be updated at any time.