Breeding management system for beef cattle

The beef cattle breeding management system is a systematic project that will achieve the following goals:

Basic goal:

to realize the information management of the breeding process, and to establish an electronic information file for each cow. Use information technology, biosafety control technology, early warning technology, remote monitoring technology, etc. to realize a new one-stop breeding management information model for healthy breeding.

Management improvement:

The enterprise has realized the optimized management of the breeding link, determined the position and responsibilities, and has a clear view of the personnel management of the breeding link; on this basis, it can be easily connected with the existing information management system of the enterprise to realize the information construction of the enterprise;

Market development:

Realize the information management of cooperative farms or cooperative farmers and their products, help the farms or farmers to improve the feeding and management technology, realize the standardized management of the epidemic prevention and immunization process, realize the standardized management of feeding, and ensure the fattening cattle of the cooperative households. in addition, When repurchasing, can trace the information, so that you can know the process of cooperative breeding, ensure the quality and safety of the company’s products, and finally ensure a long-term win-win situation, forming a community of interests of the company + farmers.

Brand promotion:

Realize a strict traceability management system for high-end consumers.

Identification of cattle out of the pen:

The cow with ear tag passes through the breeding access control channel, and the system will automatically identify the cow’s ear tag and quickly record the situation and time of the cow entering and leaving the fence.

Infrared counting function:

Infrared access control system records cows entering and leaving the stall through ear tags.

Breeder management function:

Breeders need to swipe their ID cards to pass the access control to carry out cattle herding work. In this way, I will divide and manage the responsibilities of the breeder. Reach a circle of one person or a circle of multiple people for stocking work.

Real-time data management:

Real-time data transmission to monitor the number of cattle inside and outside the circle.