RFID applied to animal traceability

Functions of animal traceability information management system

The animal traceability information management system is based on the application of key technologies of the Internet of Things. It uses barcode technology and RFID technology to identify the products produced by each processing point in the food supply chain, and collects the existing identification information on the food raw materials used. Put all its identification information on the product for the next producer or consumer to use, and establish a complete traceability system. The system supports mobile office, provides an interface for the external information of the system for government, enterprise and public information interconnection services, and provides a comprehensive system overall solution with multi-channel access, various application terminals, and various supervision methods for business applications.

1. Animal identification management

2. Animal disease information management

3. Epidemic management

4. Epidemic warning

5. Analysis and decision-making information assistance

6. Document management

7. Shipper management

8. Query statistics

System Features

1. Diversified identification: In the future, the individual needs of users will be strong, and a single identification technology cannot meet future development and regulatory needs. The use of Dingshi “MSR series mobile intelligent readers” can meet the needs of identifying one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional codes, RFID, etc. Comprehensive application of various labels.

2. System networking: Each product is given an identity through an electronic label, and it will be an inevitable trend to combine with the Internet and e-commerce.

3. Standard unification: unified technical specifications, functional specifications and badge format, the compatibility of the system will be better played, and the product substitution will be stronger.

4. Information sharing: Share animal identification and disease traceability information, meat and dairy product quality and safety traceability information with the government, enterprises and the public, and realize horizontal information exchange.