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Congratulations! Raybaca electronic ear tag win the ICAR certificate


Raybaca electronic ear tag successfully passed the ICAR test and obtained the certificate!

ICAR registers the above device under the shared manufacturer code”900″with product code”900264″.  The range of individual identification codes allocated are from 900. to 900.247.000.999.999. The RA registration is for the lifetime of the device.  This number mean just for Raybaca use , other compnay can’t use this number . It’s can be ensure the global unqiue number , protect animal welfare.

Who is ICAR

ICAR, an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO), provides an open yet secure network to share with, learn from and interact with fellow members and related stakeholders in global animal production. By cooperating, sharing and enabling, ICAR strives to stimulate animal production around the globe that is more sustainable and efficient than the sum of the individual contributions.

ICAR,as the Registration Authority of ISO for testing and certification of RFID devices for animal identification,is pleased to issue this letter as the ICAR certificate for the above device which successfully passed the test laid down in ISO standard 24631 “Radio frequency identification of animals- Part 1: Evaluation of conformance of RFID transponders with IS0 11784 and IS0 11785 (including granting and use of a manufacturer code.The test report (report number 2022-19 by IMA-Wageningen,The Netherlands).


ICAR ear tags

Our Company

Raybaca IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2009 , 13 years of experience in RFID manufacturing, specializing in RFID ear tags, Animal Pets microchips syringe, RFID reader production, sale of RFID products in IOT, and relevant RFID system software projects’ development and service. Since its establishment, the company has operated a self-owned brand: Raybaca , possessing leading and solid technology strength in the development of technology and software systems in RFID software products. We have our factory, there has advanced equipment and professional teams. we can supply OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)and ODM(Original Design Manufacturer).

RBC-ET01 -LF , Animal ID Ear Tag is an ear tag specially designed for the management of the animal raising and butchering. It meets the international standard of ISO11784/5 FDX-B. It is designed and produced on the imported high-level Microchips and it can be served to read and write, and also has a unique design of data security. In the animal raising and butchering, it can trace the animal’s identification by using RFID readers together.

RBC-ETM01-UHF+PG01 Ear Tag