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RFID technology in animal husbandry management

RFID technology is applied in many scenarios,  Our  ‘Raybaca’ is  specializes in applying RFID to animal husbandry management. RFID electronic tags,such as rfid ear tags , microchips syirnge   is used in animal husbandry management to automatically identify and collect animal husbandry data.  Therefore, the application of RFID technology in animal husbandry management has great potential.  The application of RFID technology in agricultural management is solving many difficulties. RFID technology has a significant impact on timely understanding of animal species, diseases and population levels and improving management efficiency. understanding of agricultural people. RFID animal husbandry management realizes scientific management. Why use the rfid ear tags and whats advanctage of rfid ear tags?

Advantages of using RFID in animal husbandry management:

1. Automatic identification:

realize animal identification code. Only the staff can easily obtain the growth, disease, quarantine and transportation status of some animals as long as they use the handheld device of the system.

2. Efficient tracing:

the system tracks the whole life cycle of animals, records every change, and centrally backs up data in the information management center.  If an event occurs, the system will automatically find the animals in the event, which is convenient for managers to analyze.

3. Convenience:

the system is completely electronic and centralized data management. A large number of data retrieval work is completed by the server, saving the least manpower and accidents, so as to speed up the response to accidents.

4. Security:

RFID electronic tags specifically created for animals, with a rapid identification reaction time and a low average failure rate, ensuring the security, timeliness, and stability of tag identification and replacement.

5. Improve the management level:

centralized management and decentralized control; Standardize supervision and management and reduce multiple splitting and switching, so that the first event of an emergency can reach the top management and be handled in time.

6. System scalability:

considering the future development trend and the promotion of information construction, the system design can easily realize system expansion.

RFID technology monitors the breeding, transportation and slaughter of animals, and transfers animals in case of epidemic. Through this system, the health department can transfer animals that may have diseases to determine their attribution and history. The system can provide real-time, specific and reliable data for animals from birth to slaughter.


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