What is an EID ear tag?

EID is the abbreviation of Electronic IDentity, also known as Electronic ID, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), EID ear tags are tags on the ears. Each EID ear tag have a unique 10/15 digit number.EID readers can scan the tags and read these numbers. EID ear tags are designed for animal management and identification.

Raybaca Animal RFID Ear Tags

Raybaca’s EID ear tags contain LF EID ear tags and UHF ear tags. Low-frequency ear tags use the principle of inductive coupling, which refers to an electromagnetic induction effect between lightning and cables. The UHF ear tag adopts the principle of electromagnetic coupling, which is due to the mutual inductance between the two circuits, so that the current change of one circuit affects the other circuit through the mutual inductance. The international standard for low-frequency ear tags is ISO11784/5, and the international standard for ultra-high-frequency ear tags is ISO/IEC18000-6C.

Advantages of using EID ear tags

  • Fast and accurate data collection on individual animals
  • Radio frequency reading, which eliminates manual line-of-sight reading.
  • Strong signal penetration, can penetrate the body, tissue, wood, plastic, soil, feces, etc.
  • Passive RFID tags.EID ear tags do not require batteries, and an animal can use one ear tag for a lifetime.

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