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How to efficiently manage cattle, sheep, swine and other animals?

Traditional breeding problems

Cattle, Sheep and Swine are an important part of Animal Husbandry ,and affect the national economic and social development of various countries. Traditional breeding has the following problems:

  • The reproduction rate of per animal is low.
  • Management technology is backward.
  • The blood relationship of Cattle, Sheep and Swine is unclear and cannot be traced.
  • Animal product safety cannot be traced and effectively guaranteed

Effective solutions

We apply RFID technology to animal husbandry, nail the electronic ear mark on the ear of each cow, sheep and swine, establish a management system, record the permanent digital archives of animals, implement one animal and one tags, and read the electronic ear mark in combination with microchip reader, so as to realize the monitoring and management of each cow, sheep and swine, and realize the digital and fine management of breeding.

RFID Ear tags advantages

① temperature monitoring

②Unique structural design,Anti animal bite,Manual disassembly

③copy protection

④Super long standby

⑤Secondary injection molding shell

⑥ Location monitoring

Program Advantages:

①Establish a permanent animal file

② Reduce manual operations and improve work efficiency

③ Informatization management method makes data sharing faster

④ Real-time data, fast query and update

⑤ RFID Internet of Things technology to realize intelligent animal husbandry

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