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RBC-S5100 RFID Reader is comming

Product Description:

RBC-S5100 is an upgraded Microchip reader that is very popular among users. In addition to retaining the wide operating frequency (100-150KHz), long reading distance, and supporting protocols (FDX-A / FDX-B, HDX ) and other excellent features, upgraded to OLED high-brightness energy-saving display, added Bluetooth module and menu option functions, can read all pet RFID Microchips, RFID electronic ear tags, electronic foot rings, etc. Animal RFID tags.

The New Upgrade:

  • The reading distance is increased, and the glass tube can be easily read more than 9CM.
  • Upgrade to OLED high-brightness energy-saving display, easy to view data.
  • Added menu option function for more convenient operation.
  • Added Bluetooth communication module, data transmission is more convenient.
  • Update to USB rechargeable lithium battery to save costs for you.

Excellent Performance:

  • Supports most of the animal identification Microchips and Ear tags on the market, including FDX-B, FDX-A and HDX Microchips (compliant with ISO11784/5 standard).
  • Fast reading speed, simple operation
  • Supported (Seven language modes) : English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish

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