Different types of ear tags?

Appearance Classification:

  1. Button-shaped ear tag: Button-shaped ear tag consists of two discs connected by ears, a male mark and a female mark.
  2. Plastic clip ear tag: Plastic clip ear tag is a moulded plastic strip that is folded over the edge of the ear and attached through it.
  3. Metal ear tag: Metal ear tags are made of aluminum, steel or brass rectangles with sharp points that clip around the edges of the ears and have a logo printed on them.

Function Classification:

  1. Visual ear tags: non-smart ear tags with no identification function, farmers can only manage animals according to the laser-coded numbers on the ear tags. Used for small-scale farmers.
  2. RFID electronic ear tags: RFID electronic ear tags are markers used to prove the identity of livestock and carry individual information of livestock.Raybaca ear tag plier:

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