S19 and S20 product comparison

S19 and S20 are our new mini scanners, which are more suitable for animal hospitals or individuals. This compact pocket scanner is simple to operate, but has very complete functions and can store 128 pieces of microchip information.

  • Same point:

    •  ISO11784/85  134.2Khz/125Khz

    • Store 128 pieces of microchip number information

    • function: read RFID tag/microchip information

    • Quality

    • Using high brightness OLED display screen, and can be seen clearly inside the house or under the strong light outside lithium battery  can be rechargeable.

    • Stable and easy to use, it can be used for animal management, resource management etc.

    Different point:

    • Communication methods are different. The S19 does not have Bluetooth function, while the S20 is available with or without Bluetooth.

    • The design is different:The appearance of S19 is similar to our company’s RTO3. The S20 has a more design-like feel, like a space capsule.

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