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Lamb Pedigree Management Smart Device

What is Lamb Pedigree Management Smart Device?

Pedigree data management is a simple, cost-effective approach to data management.

One simple combination of precision sheep software and technologies enabling sheep farmers to turn data into profit, faster.

Product usage introduction

The Lamb Pedigree and Weight Scale Intelligent All-in-One is a specialised device for meat and dairy sheep enterprises. During production and operation, UHF electronic ear tags are implanted in lambs at birth, and individual identification and weight binding is carried out by the specialised equipment. The equipment has the advantages of mobile operation, no dependence on on-site power supply and automatic data storage. It can be widely used in the production management of large-scale sheep rearing enterprises to record and count the relevant information of the born sheep; the device is equipped with an intelligent operating system, which supports the setting of the data to be automatically uploaded to the address path, so that it is convenient to connect with the upper management system. The data can also be stored locally and supported by USB file export. The operation of the equipment adopts touch screen buttons, simple interface, simple operation, and low requirements for operators.