Livestock Identification For Different Animal Species

In order to correctly identify animals and record the identification of groups or individuals of cattle and sheep for tracking traceability, it is our responsibility to correctly identify the animals and make a record of the animal identity information, there are many acceptable methods of identifying different species of animals and ear tags are commonly used for a wide range of species. The design, size, shape, color and other features of the ear tag will depend on the user’s requirements, subject to official approval. Official ear tags must be tamper resistant and have a high retention rate on the animal.
Currently our company has three main categories of ear tags: visual ear tags, low frequency ear tags and UHF ear tags.


RBC-ETP14-Ear Tag Tricolor






RBC-ETP14-Ear Tag


Application: Electronic ear tag is suitable for pig, cattle and sheep farms. The ear tag has a laser digital ID, which can be identified by the naked eye, it is convenient for farmers to manage livestock. We can customize the ID, color, material and LOGO of the ear tag according to customer requirements to achieve diversified customization.




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