How to properly put ear tags on animals?

Put ear tags on animals

1. Check whether the ear tag plier and ear tag needle screw is loose,and the ear tag clip spring is elastic.before use,use alcohol or disinfectant to disinfect for ear tag plier and animal ears.

2. Split ear tag:Put the male tag on the nail of the ear tag pliers,and Put the female tags on the slot of the ear tag pliers.Check whether they coincide.

3.Put an ear tag on the middle third of the ear and between the upper and lower ribs,And avoid large blood vessels.When using electronic identification (EID) tags,it’s important to apply the tag with the visual panel,or male portion of the tag on the outside back of the ear with the EID button,and the female portion of the tag on the inside of the ear.


1.Choose different ear tag pliers according to different types and sizes of ears.
2.Check that the ear tags that have been worn are correct, comfortable and safe.
3.After worn,we need check the position of the ear tag.and ensure that there is enough space for the ear and electronic ear tag. which is conducive to the health recovery and stability of the animal.

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