What is RFID pet microchips?

Pet Microchips

The technology of pet chips is RFID. This technology is called RFID (abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification), is radio frequency identification, commonly known as electronic tags. Many situations have RFID.Its advantage is that the chip itself does not need a battery, small size,low cost ,and it can also be used on high-speed moving objects.

Do pet microchips harm animals?

The pet microchip is small in size (the size of a grain of rice), and have biological coating. After implantation, it can help the pet chip “grow” under the skin, and the pet’s body will not have any rejection phenomenon, and it will not affect the appearance.

The pet chip has a globally unique ID code, which is the most advanced management method for pet management in the world. The pet’s microchip is it ID card. Through the reading device, know the information of the bound owner . Implant once, use it for life (but it’s best to check it every year), “once and for all”.

This chip the size of a grain of rice is very resistant to pressure, even if it falls directly to the ground from a height of 2 meters, and it is safer under the protection of skin and dog hair; in terms of service life. The chip can work continuously for 18 to 20 years.


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