Production and packaging of electronic tags

An overview of the production and packaging of electronic tags

As the ultimate product, smart tags are flexible and have a variety of shapes and materials.
Its products have three categories:
1. Tags class
2. Injection molding
3. Cards

1. Tags class

Tags with self-adhesive function can be peeled and affixed on boxes, bottles and other items by a labeling machine on the production line, or manually pasted on car windows (such as taxis), documents (such as university student ID cards).

2. Injection molding

Various plastic processing techniques can be used according to different applications to make chips, key cards, watches and other special-shaped products containing Transponder.

3. Card class

3.1.PVC card

Similar to the traditional card making process,like printing, transponder (INLAY), lamination, and punching.It meet the standard size of ISO-7810 card,and can make special shapes.

3.2. Paper, PP card

Completed by special equipment,there are no restrictions on size, shape, thickness. The structure is made of surface layer (cardboard), Transponder (INLAY) layer, and bottom layer (cardboard, etc.).

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