RFID Electronic tags and Barcoding

1. Seven characteristics of electronic tags RFID compared to barcodes

①Quick scan

②Miniaturized volume and diversified shapes

③Anti-pollution ability and durability


⑤ Penetrating and barrier-free reading

⑥ The memory capacity of data is large

⑦ Strong security

2. Why is RFID technology superior to barcodes?

RF technologies are not necessarily “better” than barcodes, they are two different technologies with different applicability and sometimes overlap. The biggest difference between the two is that barcodes are “visual technology”, the scanner works under the guidance of a human and can only receive barcodes within its field of view. In contrast, RFID does not require the target to be seen.

3. What is the difference between RFID technology and barcode?

Conceptually, the two are similar in that they both aim to quickly and accurately identify and track the target object. The main differences are as follows: the ability to write information or update memory. The barcode memory cannot be changed. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags have unique identifiers that cannot be copied.

4. Currently, in terms of cost, what is the difference between labels and barcodes?

Because of the different components, smart labels are much more expensive than barcodes.

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