Visual ear tags and RFID ear tags

Visual ear tags and RFID ear tags Same point:

Material : TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Available Colours: Yellow or any other colours

Customized : Support laser printing number,Customized logo and color.

Product Advantage

Easy to  the management of the animal ,livestock identifications

Anti-animal bite structure and color design

small size, light weight

Anti freezing and Anti ultraviolet

Visual ear tags and RFID ear tags Differents:

Visual ear tags can only help farmers manage animals through visual identification, and need to manually fill in the animal information according to the ear tag number. It is not suitable for large-scale control, and the effect is not obvious. Suitable for farms with small numbers of animals.

It adopts imported advanced microchip design and production, supports reading and writing, unique identification code, and has a unique data security design. In animal feeding and slaughtering, with RFID reader, the identity of animals can be traced and used together with the applicator.

Additionally, RFID ear tags can be used with animal management systems. Through the identification function of electronic ear tags, the whole process of animals from birth, slaughter, sales, consumers, and final consumers is monitored.

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