The advantages of RFID in animal husbandry management

1. Fully automatic identification

Because the animal identification code start,so that the staff can easily obtain the growth, disease, quarantine and transportation status of an animal through the system handheld device.

2. Efficient traceability

The system tracks the entire life cycle of animals, records each link, and backs up the data in the information management center. If an event occurs, the system will automatically check the source of the event animal. Find it for managers to analyze.

3. Convenience

The system’s fully electronic data centralized management enables the search of a large amount of data to be completed by the server, which saves a lot of manpower and events, and speeds up the response to events.

4. Security

This system adopts a new generation of RFID electronic tags, which are specially designed for animals, with fast identification response time and low average failure rate, which can ensure the safety, timeliness and stability of tag identification. In addition, we use a high-performance and fault-tolerant system server, which can ensure the high stability, security and network transmission speed of the server, so as to realize the real-time transmission of the system and ensure the timeliness of information.

5. Improve the management level

centralized management, distributed control; Handle emergencies in a timely manner.

6. The scalability of the system

Considering the future development trend and the promotion of information construction, the system design can easily realize the expansion of the system.

RFID technology monitors the breeding, transportation and slaughtering of animals, and traces the animals ,when an epidemic occurs. Through this system, health departments can trace animals that may transmit diseases to determine their attribution and historical traces. The system can provide instant, specific and reliable data on animals from birth to slaughter.

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