RBC-S18 Stick Reader

Helper in Farm Management—RBC-S18 Stick Reader


original intention

The development of science and technology has facilitated the development of animal husbandry, especially in pasture management. For counting the herd, there is a range of animal ear tags and readers.

Our company independently developed a stick reader, which allows us to read the ear tag data without being very close to the animal. We know that although the animals on the ranch are used to dealing with humans, also some individual animals are very sensitive to the approach of humans, and they may hurt humans because of sudden fright. Our stick reader can avoid these risks very well.


The handheld reader adopts wireless reading mode and supports of  FDX-Band HDX electronic tags (ISO11784/85) formats.

The product adopts a high-brightness LCD (240*320) display screen, which can be clearly displayed under indoor or outdoor strong light conditions. The built-in storage function of the product can store up to 20,000 pieces of tags information, and the user can read the stored information to the computer for data management through a USB data cable or a wireless connection.

The product has stable performance and simple operation, and is suitable for animal management, traceability management, railway inspection and other asset management fields.

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