RFID Reader

Scanner for Animal EID Tags

With the intelligentization of livestock farms, pigs, cattle and sheep breeding have wore electronic ear tags. According to different application environments and application requirements, RAYBACA cattle and sheep electronic ear tag readers are divided into handheld and fixed types, and handheld types are divided into retractable and fixed-length models; Usually only the difference in size and shape.

Handheld Electronic Ear Tag Reader

The most common are the following two styles, retractable and fixed-length. In specific applications, the retractable model is more suitable, which can not only solve the problem of insufficient identification distance, but also solve the problem of virus cross-infection caused by close contact. It is mostly used for long-distance identification of pigs, cattle and sheep in groups.

stick reader

RBC-S09 Stick Reader

The fixed-length model is more suitable for pet management, but some pigs, cattle, and sheep can also can use. For example, it is very convenient to identify a livestock individually.

RFID Reader

RBC-S03 Handheld RFID Reader

Fixed electronic ear tag reader

The fixed electronic ear tag reader is fixedly installed in a specific location to realize automatic and intelligent management.Application:identity management, automatic point management, access control management, electronic feeding station monitoring, milking table counting management, etc.

RBC-A04 Reader

RBC-A04 Reader