The Significance of using RFID Animal Electronic Ear Tags

1. Conducive to animal disease control

For example, African swine fever and hot flu are both very harmful diseases to pigs. Once a pig appears, the entire pig farm may go out of business. If pigs wear electronic ear tags, people can know the breed, source, epidemic prevention status, health status and other information of each pig, and then manage them in a unified and informationized manner.Timely detection of epidemics, sick pigs and other problems.

2. Conducive to safe production

When feeding animals, by using RFID readers, the electronic ear tags can be quickly and automatically identified, and detailed detection and correlation of daily feeding, medicine, drinking, weighing, and inoculation of livestock can be performed, and uploaded to the database in real time. The information realize the quality monitoring of livestock from pasture to table.

Raybaca RFID Animal Electronic Ear Tags

Raybaca RFID Animal Electronic Ear Tags

3. Improve the management level of livestock farms

Livestocks wear electronic ear tags to form unique identifications, and the livestock farms, barn numbers, and information are clearly , realizing material management, epidemic prevention management, disease management, death management, weighing management, drug management, and slaughtering of individual pigs. Automatic management of daily information such as counting records to improve the information management level of livestock farms.

4. It is convenient for the state to supervise the safety of livestock products

Electronic ear tags for livestock are lifelong. Through this electronic tag, people can know the origin, purchasing field, slaughterhouse, supermarket, etc. of meat. Such a complete traceability system ensures that people eat healthy meat products.