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Z00 and Z05 product comparison

Z00 and Z05 are the two main syringe chips of our company, mainly used for pets and animal management, and are available in 3 sizes: 2.12*12mm, 1.4*8mm,1.25*7mm.

RBC-Z05 Microchip Syirnge

RBC-Z05 Microchip Syringemicrochips syirnge

RBC-z00 Microchip Syringe

Same point:

  •  ISO11784/85 134.2KHZ
  • microchip sizes have 3 sizes: 2.12*12mm, 1.4*8mm,1.25*7mm
  • function: animal identification, livestock  identification
  • ICAR certificate
  • MSDS certificate
  • Quality

Different point:

  •  The usage method is different: Z00 just open the cap , and implanted is ok .  Z05 need open the lock , and cap , then implanted .
  • The design is different: Z00 has an Automatic spring design, When the push rod reaches the bottom, it can rebound back. Z05 can’t reback again .
  • Z00 customized color: cap , main part .  Z05 : cap can’t customized, lock part, main part.