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Welcome Mr. Gustavo Machado and Mr. Luc to visit our company

Welcome Mr. Gustavo Machado and Mr. Luc to visit our company!

Mr. Gustavo Machado and Mr. Luc came to visit the company. The boss wufei and the foreign trade manager Christine accompanied the whole process and introduced the development history, hardware products, and software systems of our company. In order to better strengthen the exchanges between the two parties and promote broader business cooperation, Thank you very much for visiting!

They gave high praise and praise to our hardware products and software systems. The two parties discussed in depth the craftsmanship of the syringe, the diameter of the needle tip, the incision surface, and other details.

The customer was surprised and recognized our company’s sample room and certificate wall, and looked forward to cooperating again.

At the end of the meeting, both parties were very happy. The customer brought samples and RFID reader for further review.

Raybaca is a technology company focusing on the management of RFID products and related system software of the Internet of Things in animal husbandry. For many years, it has been among the best in relevant industries in China. It has become one of the leading benchmarking enterprises in China’s intelligent pasture husbandry and has successfully won the honorary title of “national high-tech enterprise”.Our main products include RFID ear tags(LF / HF / UHF ), RFID readers, Microchips, transponders, wireless network devices, etc.