ICAR Certification

ICAR Certification


The International Committee on Animal Recording (ICAR) is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) founded on March 9 1951 in Rome. Currently it consists of 128 members from 57 countries.


The establishment of ICAR identifies animals and ensures that the animal identification numbers produced by global animal identification manufacturers comply with ISO rules and the basic requirements of global number uniqueness.

  • ICAR Establish and maintain best practice guidelines and standards in all aspects of animal identification and recording.
  • ICAR Certification of equipment and processes for animal identification, recording and genetic evaluation.
  • ICAR Motivate and lead continuous improvement, innovation, research, knowledge development and knowledge exchange.
  • ICAR Provide essential services for international cooperation in key aspects of animal recording and animal breeding.
  • ICAR provides an open and secure platform, it cooperates with global animal logo manufacturers, and promotes the global uniqueness of global animal logos through certification, supervision, authorization and other methods.