Why pigs need ear tags?

The significance of pig ear tags

For pig

The pig ear tag is the ID card of the pig, which is convenient for the whole process of quarantine follow-up from breeding to slaughtering and sales. A type of intelligent electronic label classification, an animal electronic label mainly used in animal husbandry and aquaculture. Used on pig ears in pig breeding industry, it is easy to fix and disassemble, so it is also call that is pig ear tag. Pig ear tags have two parts: female tag and male tag.

RBC-ET01-LF Ear Tag

For country

The country can track the pig’s life through the identification function of electronic ear tags。

1. Conducive to animal disease control

Electronic ear tags can manage the ear number of each animal along with its breed, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. When epidemics and livestock product quality problems occur, people can effectively trace (trace the source).Its source, distinguish responsibility, plug loopholes, so as to realize the scientific and institutionalization of animal husbandry and improve the level of animal husbandry management.

2. Conducive to safe production

Electronic ear tags are an excellent tool for clear identification and detailed management of a large number of livestock. Through electronic ear tags, breeding enterprises can better manage and ensure safe production.

3. Improve the management level of the farm

In the management of livestock and poultry, the identification of individual animals (pigs) is realized in the form of easy-to-manage ear tags, and the unique identification of individuals is realized by assigning ear tags with unique codes to each animal (pig), which is used in pig farms. The ear tag mainly records data such as farm number, pig house number and pig individual number ect. After the pig farm puts ear tags on each pig to realize the unique identification of the pig individual, the material consumption management, immune management, disease management, death management, weighing management, and medication management of individual pigs can be realized by means of reading and writing on the hand-held device. , slaughter records and other daily information management.

4. It is convenient for the state to supervise the safety of livestock products

Pigs have a unique electronic ear tag code. Then through this electronic tag code, you can know the production field, purchasing field, slaughterhouse, and supermarket that sells pork.

Why pigs need ear tags