RBC-Q-W2-Ear Tag Applicator

RBC-Q-W2 Ear Tags Applicator is animal ear tag applicator,Ear tag applicators need to be used with ear tags,Farmers,breeders and veterinarians use ear tag applicators to put ear tags on animals ear.

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RBC-Q-W2 Ear Tags Applicator is suitable for animal one side ear tags of Raybaca, It is very important to choose the appropriate ear tags applicator for ear tags.

Main Parameters:

2.Plier material tensile strength greater than or equal 300,6b / mpa
3.Plier material Brinell hardness greater than or equal 85-90 HBS
4.Plier maximum shear force greater than or equal 1500n

Product Advantages:

1.made of great material:Zinc alloy switch,stainless steel clamp.
2.Three steps diameter of pin:suitable for different male tag holes.
3.Enhances health and safety:Clean, precise incision helps prevent infection&disease transfer.
4..Automatic separation device: automatic seperate after playing, Reduce the pain of animals, the ear hole aperture is small, less bleeding.
5..Elastic device: High-quality stainless steel spring and center shaft durable without rust, handle feel comfortable, easy to operate.
6.Can be used widely:Also used in sign small size livestocks or animals,such as pig,sheep,goat,deer.

Why this Ear Tag Applicator for pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats?

1.Suitable for all Raybaca one side ear tags
3.Spring coil makes it safe to open
4.Includes back-up pin
5.Also for electronic ear tags
6.Made from coated metal

How to Use Animal Ear Tag Applicator:

1.Hold the ear tag plier to press,the switch automatic to turn on
2.Disinfect ear tag applicator and animal ears
3.Put the nail binding on ear tag needle,remained stable
4.Find a appropriate placement of the ears,Press the clip,install ear tag

Spare parts included:

RBC-Q-W2 Tag Applicator
Manual Book
1 Years Warranty Card
Certificate of Conformity

Packaging & Delivery:

Ear tags applicator:50pcs/Carton
Select Packaging according to purchase quantity.
Prompt deliver at the very day


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