Wearable Waterproof GPS Cattle Sheep Tracker

The V44 GPS location tracker is a newly upgraded intelligent positioning hardware facility with complete functions and easy use. The product has GPS + Beidou global satellite positioning and WiFi positioning functions. Different modes can achieve test accuracy up to 5-15 meters, and 4G LTE + 3G WCDMA +2G GSM is universal across the entire network, and you can use different platforms to query animal location information. It has powerful functions such as solar automatic charging, body temperature detection, scene alarm, and track playback. It has precise positioning and alarm functions, but it cannot prevent theft.

Real-time tracking: Displays the last position of the GPS anti-lost device. Click “Single Refresh” in the upper right corner to update to the latest positioning information.
GPS positioning interval: Adjust the interval for GPS position reporting. The shorter the interval, the more accurate the positioning will be, but the shorter the standby time will be. Please set it according to actual needs. It is generally recommended to position every 10 minutes. If you are looking for a tracking target, temporarily adjust the positioning to 1 minute. After finding it, adjust it back to positioning every 10 minutes or 1 hour to ensure a longer standby time.

Fence: add, view or cancel electronic fence areas,
GPS fence: When the GPS anti-lost device enters or leaves the electronic fence area, the positioning platform immediately pushes the alarm information to the APP. Note: It is recommended that the electronic fence radius be greater than 300 meters to reduce false alarms.
WIFI fence: 2 WIFI safe areas can be set up. When the worn target leaves the safe WIFI area, the platform will immediately push alarm information to the APP.

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The V44 GPS Locator Tracker Parameters

Frequency Band

Frequency Band A:



WCDMA:Band 1/2/5/8

GSM:Band 2/3/5/8

GPS Positioning Time

Cold start: 30sec(outdoors open sky)

Warm start: 29sec(outdoors open sky)

Hot Start: 5sec (outdoors open sky)

Frequency Band B:  


WCDMA:Band 1/2/5/8

GSM:Band 2/3/5/8

GPS Positioning Accuracy

5-15 meters (outdoors open sky)

WIFI Positioning Accuracy

15-100 meters(WIFI signal coverage)

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ +45℃

Working Humidity

5% ~ 95% RH

Product Size

97(Length)x69(Width) x31(Height)mm

Product Weight


Battery Capacity



Accessories:One locator host, one magnet charging cable and a manual.

Optional:collar holder, strong magnetic and wooden board holder.