Pet Management System

With the increase in the number of pets, the following pet management problems have become increasingly prominent, such as barking and disturbing people, walking dogs without leashes, biting and hurting people, management of stray dogs, and the existence of hidden dangers of infectious diseases.

Raybaca has been using its professional knowledge to help standardize Urban Pet Management, ensure that every furry child has its own exclusive certificate, and also try its best to assist the government to ensure the personal safety of every citizen and the image of the city.

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Pet Management System

The homepage uses a bar chart to display pet registration information and microchipping data.

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  1. Basic Information Management

1.1 Basic information of pets

Including the region where the animal belongs, chip number, pet photo, weight, breed, gender, color, date of birth, etc.

1.2 Basic information of the owner

Including pet owner’s name, gender, phone number, email address, ID card, address, etc.

1.3 Owner change information.

Including replacement date, pet information, former owner, current owner, reason for replacement.

  1. Chip Information Management

2.1 Chip implantation management

Includes instructions such as implantation date, pet information, chip number, chip type, etc.

2.2 Chip replacement management

Including replacement date, pet information, previous chip number, current chip number, chip type and other instructions.

  1. Immune Information Management

3.1 Immune information

Including immunization date, pet, vaccine, immunization certificate number, and other instructions.

  1. Insect control information management

4.1 Insect repellent record

Including date of deworming, pet, medication, medication costs, and other instructions.

  1. Certificate Information Management

5.1 Certificate Information

Include descriptions of pets, certificate numbers, certificate types, certificate fees, etc.

  1. Loss Reporting Information Management

6.1 Loss reporting information

Include the date of loss, pet, reason for loss, etc.

  1. Law Enforcement Information Management

7.1 Enforcement Information

Including pets, violations, personnel to be punished, location of punishment, penalty fees, and other explanations.

7.2 Supervision information

Includes law enforcement records and other notes.

  1. Harmless disposal management

8.1 Harmless treatment information

Include date of death, pet, cause of death, disposal costs and other instructions.

  1. Cost Information Management

9.1 Cost information

Including pets, fee types, fees, and other explanations.

  1. Pet travel transportation management

10.1 Pet travel and transportation information

Including pet, pet chip number, pet breed, owner’s name, owner’s phone number, departure location, arrival location, travel purpose, transportation method, transportation schedule, transportation disinfection, etc.

  1. System information management

11.1 Pet breeds

11.2 Purchasing Information

11.3 Vaccine Information

11.4 Drug information