RBC-S18 Stick Reader

The RBC-S18 handheld adopts the wireless reading method, and supports electronic labels in the formats of FDX-B and HDX (ISO11784/85) conforming to the ISO 11784/11785 international standard.

The reader  just have 3 bottons :① Left ②Right  ③ Scan, so that very easy to operate . The numbers recorded in the memory (maximum20000pcs),have the demo software  via Bluetooth or using the USB cable, the user needs to have installed the appropriate driver on his PC  then manage all date .

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The RBC-S18 Stick Reader handheld reader adopts wireless reading mode and supports of  FDX-B and HDX electronic tags (ISO11784/85) formats.

The product adopts a high-brightness LCD (240*320) display screen, which can be clearly displayed under indoor or outdoor strong light conditions. The built-in storage function of the product can store up to 20,000 pieces of tags information, and the user can read the stored information to the computer for data management through a USB data cable or a wireless connection.

The product has stable performance and simple operation, and is suitable for animal management, traceability management, railway inspection and other asset management fields.


Device Parameters:

Tags format support FDX-B,HDX
Reading distance FDX-B: 30mm Ear tag>=30cm(±5cm)

HDX: 300mm Ear tag>=35cm (±5cm)

Standard protocol ISO11784/85
Read time Around 100ms
Human-computer interaction LCD display, buzzer, vibration motor (work when tags is read)
Powered by 7.4V 1800mAH lithium battery
Power consumption tags reading:3.7W   Standby:0.5W
Capacity 20,000 pieces of data can be saved for tags reading, and 6,000 pieces of data for comparing tags numbers
Battery life Continuously read 10,000 pieces of data when fully charged
Communication Interface USB2.0,Bluetooth4.2
Size Length:67CM, width:4.4CM, height:4.1CM

Product Advantages:

  • Using high brightness OLED display screen, and can be seen clearly inside the house or under the strong light outside.
  • Larger storage capacity 20,000 pieces of data can be saved for tags reading, and 6,000 pieces of data for comparing tags numbers.
  • Users can send the information to the computer and mobile phones through USB cable or Bluetooth wireless connection to manage data.
  • Multiple language: adjustable according to customer request.
  • Stable and easy to use, it can be used for animal management, resource management etc.

Spare parts included:

  • RBC-S18 Reader Scanner
  • Manual Book
  • Data cable


  • Animal shelters
  • VET store
  • Animal Clinics
  • Livestock Farm
  • Dairy Farm
  • Ranch Farm
  • Stables
  • Animal Clubs
  • Animal Association
  • Pet stores
  • Pet doors

Cattle rfid reader


  • This product is an electronic product, which should be transported and stored as conventional electrical equipment.
  • Avoid falling or impacting the reader from a high place.
  • Do not place the reader in a high-temperature, humid or corrosive environment.
  • Non-professionals should not open the reader shell.
  • Please use the provided data cable for online operation.

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