RBC-S12 Barcode&ID Reader

TN009B Animal Chip/Arowana Chip Reader is suitable for basic pet chip reading and identification needs, reliable quality, two-button operation, favored by customers, 9V DC battery power supply, can identify FDX-A and FDX-B, etc. Chip, at present, the machine has good sales performance at home and abroad, and its performance and price have been well received by customers.

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RBC-s12 RFID reader can not only scan all FDX-B ear tags, microchip syringes, but also barcodes, the combination of the two functions can work better and more conveniently .

Our microchips syringe all have the 6-8pcs sticker show the microchips  number so that when before implated  animals  you can use this reader Infrared scanning the sticker and  use the reader  mode  scaning the microchips number show that they are match then implanted to animals Handheld RFID  Arowana Reader  it supports reading all  FDX-B, FDX-A(ISO11784/85) microchips , mtach with Raybaca microchip syringe ,Raybaca FDX-B  type of ear tagsProducts is perfect !

Main specifications:

  1. Frequency: 134.2Khz
  2. Tag Format: EMID、FDX-B (ISO11784/85)
  3. Reading/writing disatnce: 2*12mm glass tag>7-15cm
  4. Signal indicator:  high brightness OLED
  5. Power: 3.7V (rechargeable lithium battery)
  6. Connection: USB2.0
  7. Language: English
  8. Reader Mode: Key Trig/Read once/Continous

Product Advantages:

  • can scan the barcode and rfid tags ID
  • USB direct charging, easy to operate
  • High-brightness LCD screen display, clear and easy to read
  • Support for ISO11784/5, FDX-B protocol standard chip
  • Bluetooth

Spare parts included:

  • RBC-S12 Reader Scanner
  • Manual Book
  • 1 Year Warranty Card
  • Certificate of Conformity


  • Pets Store
  • Animals org
  • livestock  farm
  • Import and export of livestock
  • customs check

How to use :

  1. Click the button to turn on the power. After the self-test, the screen displays the start interface
  2. Press the “SCAN” key to enter the scanning mode, press “SACN” again to start scanning, the scanning result will be displayed on the screen
  3. Press the “READER” key to enter the card reading mode, when the screen displays “(((((0)))))”, move the machine close to the card, after successful reading, the card number will be displayed on the screen, and the top of the card number will display Tag type; if the tag read was unsuccessful, “No tag” will be displayed