Why Pets need Implanted Microchips?

Why is pet electronic chip a new trend in pet management?

1. With the internationalization of the pet market, pets from various countries are circulated around the world. At this time, pet electronic chips play the role of unique global identification. No matter which country pets go to, they can check the pet species and where they come from through the identification electronic chip. , how old and other detailed identity information; not only facilitates unified management, but also effectively manages traceability data, realizing the informatization of global pet management.

2. With the expansion of the pet market, the pet management system must be continuously improved, and then upload the electronic chip information to the pet management system through the Internet of Things technology, so that no matter where your pet goes, you can query the specific information of the pet .

Pet microchips

Pet microchips

What are Advantages of Microchips?

  1. LEGALBOND between the Pet and the Owner.
  2. Unlike traditional collar tags, pet microchips will not fray, peel or scratch beyond recognition.
  3. Others cannot damage, steal, alter, modify or alter the chip.
  4. Not painful to the animal.
  5. Visible only to an RFID reader.
  6. Unique number for every tag and every pet. Therefore, no duplication, error or confusion
  7. Easy to maintain electronic records.
  8. Security and Protection.
  9. Microchips can keep animals safe.
  10. Globally compatible scanners read the unique identification code on the microchip. This code can get the pet owner contact information.

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