RBC-HF Implanted Electronic microchip

Our microchips are constructed of non-toxic components hermetically sealed in biocompatible glass. They have been designed to have an operating life exceeding 75 years. They are passive in nature, requiring no power supply. After implantation, a small layer of connective tissue forms around the microchip, preventing migration.

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Raybaca microchip use the bio-glass tube , all the syringe have the MSDS certificate , and ICAR certificate , to ensure the quality is great . The 15digits uniqiue number we accepet the 100% check in the produce and before delivery . Microchip needs to be used with microchip syringe,The sticker number preferct match with the microchips number so that you are easy to management . The size of a grain of rice, it is implanted beneath the skin and cannot be lost or removed like a collar, tag . Raybaca microchips meet the ISO14223 , with ICAR certificate.have 2.12*12mm, 3*15mm,3*15mm,support of customized package ,logo.

Product Parameters:

Model name RBC-HF Microchips
Protocol ISO14223
Frequency Standard: 13.56MHz
Material Biochemical coating, bio-grade glass encapsulation (antibacterial, antiallergic)
Size 2.12*12mm ,3.15*23mm,3*15mm
Chip Type Icode-Slix
Read and write times >100000times
Certificate ICAR Certificate
Number ICAR number
Product  Advantage


1). With ICAR certificate support ,can be use in worldwide and have unique 15digits numbers .
2). MSDS certificate
3). Veterinarians are able to keep the animal’s heath record.
4). Easily implanted and no impact on the animal.


Whats animal can implanted :

  • Wild Animals: Deer, Elk, White-tailed Deer, Ferrets, Black-footed Ferrets, Snakes, Lizards, Toads, Frogs, Chimpanzees
  • Labratory Animals: Rats, Mice
  • Big Animals: Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Gizzly Bears
  • Fish: Asain Arowana, Captive-bred Fish, Rare Fish, Alligators, Sharks, Whales
  • Endangered Animals: Penguins, Turtles, Gaint Land Tortoises, Armadillors

Package  Info. 

According to Buyer request

Instructions for use:

1. Firstly, to be sure that there is no chip under the animals skin before applying the chip
2. Read chip before implanting,ensure the microchip number is match with the sticker number
3. Remove cap from syringe
4. Inject in the centaral area of the shoulder and push the clip in
5. After injecting, apply pressure to injection site to stop bleeding
6. After subcutaneous injection, use the reader to indentify chip
Notice This product was done by EO sterilization. Don’t use if package is damaged.


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