Raybaca UHF ear tags is RFID ear tags , The RFID tags for animals are available at 860-960Mhz frequency, UHF ear tags reading distance about 1-5m ,Support group of reading .

All of the animal RFID tags are waterproof and shock resistant.EID ear tags provides a diverse selection of RFID tracking devices for animals that enables farmers, breeders, and veterinarians to fulfill their traceability and identification needs.

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Raybaca Two Pieces Electronic Ear Tags RFID Livestock Tags For Cattle .ET01-UHF-FX is an ear tag specially designed for the management of the animal ,livestock  identifications. It suitable for  the international standard of ISO118000-6C.

It is designed and produced on the imported high-level Microchips and it can be served to read and write, and also has a unique design of data security. In the animal raising and butchering, it can trace the animal’s identification by using RFID readers together and use with applicator .

 Product Specifications:

Model name RBC-ET01-UHF-FX
Standards ISO118000-6C
Frequency 860-960MHZ
Type RFID UHF ear tags
Size Female: Height: 100mm ,Wide: 74mm
Material TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Electronic File ID numbers in electronic file
Reading distance about 1-5m ,(Reading distance due to reader quality & environmental factors)
Customized Support laser printing number,Customized logo and color.
How to use Ear Tag Use with ear tags applictaor
Packaging & Delivery


· female tags : 100pcs/opp bag, Male tags : 100pcs/opp bag.

· Select Packaging according to purchase quantity.

· Prompt deliver at the very day

Product Advantage

  • Easy to  the management of the animal ,livestock identifications
  • ID information of livestock
  • Stable distance recognition
  • Anti-animal bite structure and color design
  • Waterproof structure design, chip mother button design, small size, light weight

Why use Ear Tag for livestock?

  • Fast, easy and safe to apply

Plastic nail part with extremely high hardness and tenacity to achieve fast transfixion and reduce animal stress.

  • Superior retention.

Longer tag anchor and flexible material ensures that the tag will not snag and pull out, or break off, while easy stamping.

  • Marking more easier

Unique surgical cutting tip (self-piercing with a pinhole tip) reduces the risk of infection and promotes fast healing


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G2-Ear Tag Applicator 

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